Colonial Belles

$ 20.00

The Colonial Belle designs were available as a kit during the 1930s. The kit was manufactured by Rainbow Block Company and could be ordered through several women’s magazines such as Household Magazine.  The magazine advertisement states— Colonial Belle Quilt Blocks Of course you must have a set of these beautiful Colonial Belle Quilt blocks. We wanted to offer our readers...


Garden Belle Quilt

$ 18.00 $ 9.00

Beautiful applique and a little embroidery on this 90” x 102” bed quilt that was a popular kit quilt during the 1930s. The garden belle fits the top of a double or queen size bed and a row of pretty flowers for the pillow area. Full size pattern and complete instructions

Vintage Little Bunny - Wurzburg Kit Quilt

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I can't classify this sweet quilt as a cutter quilt but it is quite faded. I was going to make a pattern of this sweet antique quilt but am running out of time for all my ideas. No holes and the edges are only slightly worn. There is lots of good quilted material but I can't cut up a quilt....