Antique Amish Crib Quilt

$ 99.00

Classic Amish blue and black in a pieced eight-point star design. Hand quilted. The pictures make the blue look brighter than it actually is. It's dark blue. The black fabric is a heavier texture than the other cotton fabrics and is faded a bit on one end. 37" x 43"

Antique Dated 1883 Crib Size Vintage Crazy Quilt

$ 200.00

Dated 1883 - this is a beautiful crib size crazy quilt. Lots of different fabrics and embroidery stitches. Backing is brought to the front for binding. A few of the silks are deteriorating but doesn’t detract from the unique beauty of this one. Backing was a soft green that has faded a bit. A couple of small spots on back....

Three Little Pigs Vintage Crib Quilt

Sold Out

I think we all heard the three little pigs' story as a child. This quilt features embroidered block with a few painted accents telling the store.  The embroidery is very nicely done. The edge is worn so you'd probably want to add a new, wide binding if you were going to hang or use this one. 33" x 50" Gracie...

Vintage 1930s Applique Kit Quilt

$ 50.00

From my collection - This one is a 1930s applique quilt made from a kit in classic 30s solid color fabrics. It has been used and loved. Some of the fabrics are wearing through and it has some stains I haven't tried to remove but think they should soak out. You could repair the yellow squares that are getting thing...

Vintage Embroidered "Sleep My Child" Baby Quilt - Hand Quilted

$ 50.00

From my collection - This is a very nicely made, embroidered baby quilt. The center block has an embroidered verse and it's surrounded by embroidered angel baby blocks. The quilting is really fine on this one and I only see one place with a spot. 

Vintage Fancy Fabric YoYo Crib Quilt

$ 50.00

From my collection - This is a really interesting and pretty quilt. The yoyos are made from silky fabric and tied to a white cotton backing. It's in great shape and the colors are just yummy. I almost hate to part with this one but don't have a place to use or display it. The yoyos are about 1 3/4" each. ...

Vintage Nine Patch and Applique Baby Quilt - Hand Quilted

$ 50.00

From my collection - This is a unique and interesting baby quilt. The center is an appliqued and embroidered medallion surrounded by sweet, little nine-patch blocks. It's got a great patchwork border with a cool, corner treatment to finish the quilt. The quilt has lots of hand quilting. There is one place where the binding has split but that could...

Vintage Pink and Cream Crib Quilt

$ 50.00

This is a sweet hand-quilted crib quilt with a scalloped edge. It's pale pink on the front and cream on the back.  Quilting stitches are small and even. There's one area with a couple of spots on the back only that I haven't tried to remove but I think they'd soak out and a 3/4" place where the binding is...

Vintage Pink Embroidered Summer Spread

$ 20.00

This is such a sweet vintage crib cover. Pink chambray and pink embroidery that is meticulously stitched. The embroidery designs are adorable. It is bound with the pink chambray but you could add a backing to quilt this one.  36" x 41"

Vintage Sweet Flower Bassinet Puff Quilt

$ 50.00

This is such a sweet 1920s bassinet cover that wasn't quite finished. The flowers are tinted with embroidery details. The fabric is a soft cotton batiste and I'm sure this was a kit quilt. It is layered with the cotton wadding but the lower edge was never finished. You could remove the wadding and quilt this one. Only a light...

Vintage Tinted and Embroidered PillowCover

Sold Out

Such a pretty red, white and blue patriotic themed rose pillow cover. The red has bled a little on the top and more on the back fabric. I haven’t tried washing it with a color catcher so can’t promise it’ll come out.  The embroidery is very nice and fabric is strong. Ready to fill. 16.5” square