Primarily Quilts Collection 80wt Thread for Applique by Di Ford-Hall

$ 70.00 $ 64.99

Selected by Di herself - a variety of colors perfect for hand or machine applique.  10 small spools, colors include 2105, 2255, 2310, 2340, 2372, 2370, 5022, 5004, 2610, and 5007. Brand new from Quilt Market - This thread set will be released on July 1st. Order now to be included in the July delivery. 

Porcupine Quills

$ 5.99

Once you try one of these you won't want to be without them. Use as a stiletto to help guide seam allowances under the presser foot. These are perfect to turn under your seam allowance during hand appliqué. They are longer and smoother than a toothpick. One end is very sharp and will easily grab the fabric and the other...

Quilted Sewing Machine Tote

$ 19.99

I was pleasantly surprised at the wonderful quality of this sewing machine tote. I purchased it to use as an easy carrying case for my Featherweight but found it would hold my full size machine too. It's very sturdy and folds flat for storage. Here's the official word - The Everything Mary Quilted Sewing Machine Tote is a beautiful way...

GEasy Ruler Stickers

$ 7.95

When I'm doing lots of rotary cutting I appreciate a little reminder of where the line is I'm working with. These little arrows are perfect for that!  3 sheets - one of each color. Turquoise, Pink and Lime Green, 64 arrow stickers per sheet. Easily removable without residue. Can be reused for marking rulers, cutting mats and more. Make your...

Purple Thang

$ 3.80

It pushes, pokes, pulls, p-fudgest, p-turns, p-stuffs. It makes its own uses. Thread a ribbon through the slot and wear it around your neck.... your Purple Thang will always be handy. 

Hummingbird Needle Threader

$ 4.25

This adorable hummingbird's beak moves upward or downward to expose or protect wire threader for easy storage! She is a tiny little sweetheart. Suitable for most hand needles expect beading needles.

Red Polka Dot Magnetic Pin Bowl

$ 14.95

If you've been collecting all the adorable polka dot items in the online store you don't want to miss this one. This 4 inch stainless steel bowl has a 2-1/2 inch strong rubber coated magnet on the bottom. The quality of this one is wonderful! Pin Bowls are perfect for storing and accessorizing small parts, pins, needles, paper clips, and even...

Thimble Needle Threader

$ 3.50

A cute and functional thimble for your sewing basket! You can use this with all types and sizes of thread and yarn. Deluxe Protected threader wire, reduces eye strain, easy to hold and use.

Needle Beetle

$ 4.25

My eyes aren't getting any younger! This little cutie places modern LED lighting, ergonomic hand feel and plain common sense into the ageless needle threader. Threader and cutter included plus it has a lanyard slot and LED light. Retractable wire offers protection when not in use Finger grips for easy one handed operation Includes thread cutter and lanyard slot just...

Windy Scroll Split Bottom Quilt Hanger - 12"

$ 14.00

12" Windy Scroll split bottom quilt hanger is perfect to display a little quilt or other needlework item on the wall.  Made of metal and finished in a charcoal color. Perfect for the Little Quilts Squared Calendar Series block of the month. 

Scroll Single Stand

$ 24.99

12" x 14"  Scroll Single Stand has removable header and legs for display of 12" little quilts. Can be used on a tabletop or on the wall by removing the legs. Perfect for the Little Quilts Squared Calendar Series block of the month. 

Stay-on Needle Puller

$ 4.99

I know these are supposed to be used as a needle puller and they're great for that but I actually use them all the time on my thimble finger when I'm doing applique and embroidery. Stay-On Needle Pullers are soft silicone grips for your finger. Traditionally used on one finger and your thumb to help grip and pull your needles...