Thimble Needle Threader

$ 3.50

A cute and functional thimble for your sewing basket! You can use this with all types and sizes of thread and yarn. Deluxe Protected threader wire, reduces eye strain, easy to hold and use.

Needle Beetle

$ 4.25

My eyes aren't getting any younger! This little cutie places modern LED lighting, ergonomic hand feel and plain common sense into the ageless needle threader. Threader and cutter included plus it has a lanyard slot and LED light. Retractable wire offers protection when not in use Finger grips for easy one handed operation Includes thread cutter and lanyard slot just...

Windy Scroll Split Bottom Quilt Hanger - 12"

$ 14.00

12" Windy Scroll split bottom quilt hanger is perfect to display a little quilt or other needlework item on the wall.  Made of metal and finished in a charcoal color. Perfect for the Little Quilts Squared Calendar Series block of the month. 

Scroll Single Stand

$ 24.99

12" x 14"  Scroll Single Stand has removable header and legs for display of 12" little quilts. Can be used on a tabletop or on the wall by removing the legs. Perfect for the Little Quilts Squared Calendar Series block of the month. 

Stay-on Needle Puller

$ 4.99

I know these are supposed to be used as a needle puller and they're great for that but I actually use them all the time on my thimble finger when I'm doing applique and embroidery. Stay-On Needle Pullers are soft silicone grips for your finger. Traditionally used on one finger and your thumb to help grip and pull your needles...

Micro Gel Grips

$ 1.20

These nifty colored jelly like grips for your fingertips are wonderful for free motion quilting and applique—or whenever you need a little extra help gripping fabric!  They’re open on the back—and in front so your fingers stay cool.  Comfortable, breathable, long lasting—and they work with long fingernails, too! Latex- and acid-free they are great for office work, archiving and hobbies. Wearable...


Roxanne's Glue Baste It

Sold Out

I use this glue all the time. Tiny little dots are all you need for cotton and wool applique. It is 100% water soluble, dries in minutes, and the unique applicator top allows for controlled placement of tiny glue droplets. Does not feel stiff, and does not contain harmful chemicals, dyes, or waxes. It cleans up with water and washes...

White Chalk Marking Pencil - REFILL ONLY

$ 10.25

Includes 16 white pieces of chalk in plastic case.  To order complete pencil set - Click here.

White Chalk Marking Pencil Set

$ 15.50

If you're working with wool or cotton fabric, this is a pencil set you need!  It's refillable too!!   These chalk cartridges are special because, in addition to precise line marking, can also carry out exact point marking. Use on a wide range of surfaces: textiles, wood, paper and plastic. Use for hobbies, sewing, quilting, model building an more. Break-proof packed,...


John James Embroidery Needles - Size 8

$ 2.75 $ 2.50

One of my favorite needles for redwork and colored thread embroidery. It's easy to thread with an elongated eye. Smooth as silk! The thread just glides though the eye making it perfect for those of us who like to use a mile long piece of floss when stitching. There are 16 size 8 needles in a package.

Red and White Polka Dot Scissors Sheath

Sold Out

Darling red and white polka dot scissors sheath to fit your embroidery or Short Stuff scissors.  

Hand Embroidery Needles with Sewing Machine Magnet Holder

Sold Out

What a darling way to keep track of your hand embroidery needles. This cute, vintage sewing machine magnet comes with fifteen size 5 hand embroidery needles.