Sewing Memo Pad

$ 4.00

I like this one because it's a nice size and has lined paper.  Look at beautiful button paper when you write down tasks on your memo pad. Purchase this for yourself or as a gift for someone you care about. One 4.25in x 5.5in sewing memo pad with 50 sheets. Made of: Paper Size: 4.25in x 5.5in Use: Notepad Contains:...

Magnetic Needle Minder by Lori Holt

$ 14.60

This one is really cute and a nice large size. The Needle Minder by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet holds your needle in place on your hoop. The dependable magnets attach securely to your fabric. Size is approximately 2.5in x 3.75in. Color: Red Size: 2.5in x 3.75in Use: Needle Minder  

Stitchy Floss Bitties

$ 9.98

Introducing your flossy new friend, the Stitchy Flossbitties Floss Drops by It’s Sew Emma! These plastic spool-shaped floss drops are as durable as they are darling, and you can use them to keep your floss organized however you choose. Either wrap your floss around the center, loop and tie it, or both! Each Flossbitties pack comes with 20 floss drops...

Embroidery Needle Assortment with Magnet

$ 3.99

Have a variety of embroidery needles ready to go - all on this pretty magnet! This set of 6 gold eye embroidery needles is for sewers using embroidery thread or floss. The hand sewing needles are made of rust-resistant nickel-plated steel and feature long eyes and sharp points. The long gold-plated eye makes the needle easier to thread and is...

Silicone Iron Rest - Small

$ 6.50

Perfect for the mini and travel irons. I like this one even for my mini Oliso iron because there's no lip to get stuck around the edges. The Dritz Silicone Iron Rest is made of heat-resistant silicone material, which acts as a barrier between the hot iron and ironing surface. It also features raised dots, which aid in the quick...

Stitch Grid Paper Notebook by Lori Holt

$ 19.99

This is a beautiful notebook to plan your next quilt or craft project. It's large, spiral bound to lay flat, and filled with graph paper to make drawing easy. I'm keeping a few of these for myself!  Here's the official description - The Stitch Grid Notebook by Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet has a quilt-themed cover with 140...

Scallop Template Ruler

$ 26.99

I am not one to get all geeked out over rulers but this one is a must-have for my sewing room! It works with different widths of the border and now I can put a scalloped edge on any quilted piece I want with ease. No math! So easy, any one of us can do this! Pour yourself a cuppa...

Button Shaped Storage Box

$ 3.99

These are really cute and perfect for binding clips, pins, etc. This adorable bottom storage box is perfect for storing rubber bands, beads, paper clips, and buttons! This package contains one 3.25in diameter x 1.25in tall.


Portable Design Wall - 72 inch square

Sold Out

I have one of these at home and one at the cottage. I don't have space for a permanent design wall so this is wonderful. So easy to set up and use.  I can't believe how much I like having this available. Perfect for quilters without a dedicated design wall in your studio or sewing room. This portable, collapsible, free-standing...


Gold Sewing Kit

$ 8.00 $ 7.50

I'm usually hesitant when it comes to these sewing kits but these are really nice quality.  Everyone needs one of these stashed in the glove compartment or in your tote bag. You never know when disaster might strike! When the supplies are gone - I look forward to using the case for something else - it's that nice! Here's the...


Hand Sanitizer for Quilters

$ 4.99 $ 4.25

These little gems are wonderful! The perfect size to fit in my purse, pocket, or sewing bag. The fragrance is a light and breezy Lemon Twist. I guarantee you'll want more than one and a few to share! Lemon Twist Hand Sanitizer is easy to take with you and fits right inside of a bag or pocket. It has a...


Magnetic Pin Dish - White & Black

$ 15.95 $ 14.99

This is the prettiest pin dish I've seen so far. It's so classy and I love the way it looks next to my machine.  These bowls are fashioned after the original Featherweight, featuring the black decals, distinctive to the Singer Featherweight 221. Brand new and decorative to tag along with all your portable sewing and maintenance! This magnetic bowl isn't...