Basting Needles

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No 1 Straw Milliners Needles from Bohin have an exceptional polish for smooth glide through fabric. Their fine point minimizes holes and their eye is polished with a unique process to minimize breaking thread. Bohin Needles have maximum strength with minimum bending. About 2.5" longIncludes 12 needles.

Heat Erase Marking Pen - White

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For dark fabric in quilting, sewing and craft projects. Marking appears spontaneously and clearly in about 5 seconds. The ink is iron erasable only. The heat of the iron will volatilize ink instantly.

Leopard Marking Pencils

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A wildlife and “so chic“ new range of sewing products, absolutely essential! Leopard, zebra, giraffe, tiger, cow and snake... All these graphic patterns have invaded the world of fashion and become timeless. BOHIN is taking these prints and use its tape measures, scissors and chalk pencils to dress them up for a new collection. All dressmakers will fall in love!...