Do you hate to trace designs for hand embroidery?  Try this - Stitch 'n Stitch.  I run this through my printer for hand embroidery.

Just print your design on your home printer or use a copy machine.  

Print or copy your design onto the "film" side of the Stick 'n Stitch.  Peel the paper backing away and finger press the printed film directly onto your fabric.  Use your favorite embroidery hoop and you'll be stitching in just minutes!   This is one of the easiest, fastest ways to transfer designs for embroidery, applique, punch needle and needle felting.

Stitch as usual following the design through the printed Stick 'n Stitch. When your stitching is completed, cut away excess Stick 'n Stitch and wash in warm water to melt the remaining film away.

Dark fabrics are nearly impossible to trace an embroidery design.  Finger press your printed design on the dark fabric.  Stick 'n Stitch adheres better to fabric after it's been washed to remove the sizing. The printed design shows up easily on the film pressed on the dark fabric. 

Wool fabric is, also, impossible to use with a light box because it's so thick.  Print your applique or embroidery design on Stick 'n Stitch and finger press the film to your wool. Stitch through the film and wool. Pull away the excess film from around your applique and spritz with warm water to remove any remaining little bits of film.  

The official information: Stick 'n Stitch stabilizer combines the convenience of pressure-sensitive adhesive with the flexibility of a water soluble stabilizer. It is a printable temporary self-adhesive, fabric-like stabilizer that is ideal for getting your hand embroidery, punch needle, cross stitch, quilting or other patterns onto your project fabric. Stick 'n Stitch can also be used as a topper or backing which looks, feels and behaves like fabric during embroidery or when used as a design pattern. Perfect for any reversible project since when it's rinsed away, no stabilizer remains on either side. All Sulky stabilizers are acid and lead free. Make your own liquid brush-on stabilizer and save money over bottle brands.

$ 14.50