It's the Smart Go Light!  This baby will tuck right next to your sewing machine and give you beautiful daylight light. It's rechargeable so you can use it anywhere! You won't have to worry about an extra cord to plug in around your sewing machine but one of the best things is.................if your machine has a USB port, you can plug it right into your machine!  


The compact size of this light makes it perfect for traveling. It'll tuck right into a tote back or your luggage.  What can I say, it's just cuter than a bug's ear and puts a great light on your work area.  It's made by Daylight! 


In case you want to know the official information here it is -

Let your work shine bright, regardless of your surroundings! This portable and lightweight Smart Go Lamp is the perfect travel companion, enabling you to see colors and details clearly while on the go. The internal rechargeable battery can be easily recharged by connecting the supplied USB cable to your laptop or phone charger.

- Lightweight and portable
- 3 step dimmer
- Rechargeable for up to 6.5 hours of light
- Bright daylight LEDs provide true color-matching
- Internal rechargeable battery (incl.)
- USB compatible
- 95+ CRI to see colors accurately at any time of day or night

  • Size: 10in x 3in x 3in


    $ 59.99