This Nancy Page Quilt Club Laurel Wreath Quilt was originally published in the 1930's. The set includes full size patterns for the flowers, birds and  wreath designs along with the leaf and scallop pattern. As with all of Nancy's patterns, each block includes color suggestions.
The finished quilt will measure approximately 90" x 104".  Blocks are 12" and 10" x 12". There is also a layout for a pillow sham or pillow panel.
The quilt features twenty flowers: Evening Primrose, False Jasmine, Bloodroot, Daffodil, Canterbury Bell, Crane's Bill, Fringed Gentian, Daisy, Morning Glory, Tulip, Harebell, Arrowhead, Marsh Marigold, Trillium, Violet, Rose, Houstonia, Mallow, Lily, Star Flower and five birds: Florida Jay, Hooded Warbler, Oven Bird, Cedar Waxwing and Hermit Thrush.
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$ 16.00