Ground walnut shells are an ideal filling for pin cushions. Walnuts are naturally grown and are sustainable. They are from the local walnut harvest and have been cleaned of all nut meats and debris.

This filling is strong and hefty, and when used in a pin cushion, keep it stable (as in not moving around on your table top like it would with poly fill).

I am asked a lot if ground walnuts will dull or sharpen your needles. The answer is, no, these will not sharpen your needles. But it is a fine grind, and does not catch on the tip of the needle when you stick a pin in, so it will not dull the pin either.
Contains: 2 cups by volume / 12 oz. by weight

Use the drop down menu to select:  unscented or lavender

The Lavender infused shells are an ideal filling for pin cushions or microwavable massage bags.   The lavender is also naturally grown with no pesticides.  It is the Grosso variety of lavender. The lavender scented ground walnut shells are a good filling for neck rolls or massage rolls that you microwave and then lay on sore muscles.

$ 3.98