This is the most fun I've had with a pattern in a long time. I know you're going to want to make more than one! You can fold this up flat to store or put it in an envelope to send an amazing gift to someone special!


Here's the official description -

This is a pattern detailing how to make a Christmas tree wall hanging. Includes directions for both a large and small size (11 pages of instructions). Comes with an accessory packet that includes an unfinished 5 in. wooden star, a 1.5 in. strip of hook and loop fastener, a dowel for hanging, and two cords (15 in. each; one gold-colored, one silver-colored). 

Large tree: approximately 57 in. long and 14.5 in. wide at the bottom.
Small tree: approximately 39 in. long and 11.5 in. wide at the bottom.
Accessory packet included.

Extra accessory packets are available to make more trees.

So many of you asked for the fabric I used in my tree. 

Order one piece for the smaller tree and order two pieces for the larger tree. It'll be cut in one continuous piece. 

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$ 4.95