I tried this while at the quilt retreat and I love it! It's not a starch like Best Press so it doesn't add stiffness. Do you know the crease in the fabric where it's folded in half to go on the bolt? Just a spritz, a press, and it's gone! I used it on my blocks, especially where I had bulk, and was very impressed with the nice flat seams I could get. I now have Flatter and Best Press, so I'm prepared for everything!

Here's the official info -

Flatter makes ironing easier. This starch-free smoothing spray relaxes wrinkles and freshens fabrics. It’s flat-out fabulous! Use it to freshen fabrics between washings, or spray it on to reduce (and even resist) wrinkles. Spray it on to leave your fabric sleek, soft, and static-free. The mild formulation is super-easy on sensitive skin, and because it’s made with plant-derived and renewable ingredients, it won’t harm the environment, either. 8 oz. bottle

Use the drop-down menu to select from Lacey (very light floral) or Scentless

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