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If you missed Call Me Crazy in 2023, you're getting a second chance throughout 2024. Same quilt - same blocks.  You'll be creating a wild and crazy scrap quilt in the style of an antique quilt now in the Sentimental Stitches collection. It was owned by well-known New York antique quilt dealer, Laura Fisher who Barbara Brackman said had a fabulous eye for the off-beat quilt. What a perfect description for Call Me Crazy!  Laura passed away in September of 2021 and I purchased the quilt from her estate.

Our quilt won't be quite as crazy as the original. You can make as many or as few of the blocks as you'd like. Use them now or save them for later.  You can add sashing between the blocks for a more organized look. The blocks will be foundation paper pieced and each one will have a classic 3" block somewhere within the weekly 6" block. 

The antique quilt was made using lots and lots of different fabrics from the late 1800s and earlier. You don't have to use those colors. Oh, how pretty this would be using 1930s prints. Just pull from your scrap bag.  Maybe you want to use all neutral colors - that would be amazing! Maybe you want to make a red and white or blue and white quilt - that'll work too. Perhaps you have a big box of everything imaginable - use it up. Trust me, it'll work.


You can set the blocks right next to each other or add sashing for a more organized look.

  • I’ll be providing you with a pattern via email each week. Each 6" block will be a foundation paper pieced block and will have a smaller 3" block somewhere within it. 
  • There will be a total of  54 different blocks.
  • A color photo of each block will be included with your patterns.
  • A fabric placement guide for each block to note your colors and assist with section assembly.
  • One-time fee for the entire year
  • Starts on the first Friday of January - January 5
  • The supply list will be sent via email by Send Owl after sign-up
  • Not a fan of foundation piecing? A full-size illustration of each block will be included if you want to figure out the rotary cutting measurements for traditional machine piecing.

      There are no limits to your fabric choices with Call Me Crazy!

      $ 37.99