Two Together unity candles 18" x 8 1/2"table mat/runner done in wool applique and beaded accents

It was not uncommon in the past that a couple committing themselves to each other would light two separate candles which in turn were then used to light a single candle – the ‘unity candle’ – all in an expression of their devotion to each other. The single flame that arose represented the immense strength and power that arises when 2 people join together in a loving, faithful, and loyal relationship. So while ceremonies continue to change and evolve, there is still no doubt that the sentiment is very much the same. Of course, this isn’t just for couples – anyone who enjoys the romance and warmth of candles and delicate flower blooms can delight in this mat. This table mat measures 18″ x 8 1/2″ and has two ends that can be personalized if you so choose – think monograms, symbols ( the hearts are included), or names. The pattern uses typical wool embroidery stitches as well as the use of beads. You might be surprised how easy it is to incorporate beads into your blanket stitching as well as scattered around for the flower stamens. And you can do it all with the same embroidery needle/thread that is recommended for the rest of the runner! Try other colors of candles or change up the blooms; make it seasonal! The gray/pink flower model is made with wool felt blends and the beige/blue flower is made with felted woven wools.

$ 10.99