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Half of the blocks are 6" blocks and the other half are 3" blocks. I'm throwing in a few special applique blocks just because I can!  The 3" blocks are foundation paper pieced. The 6" blocks will be a mixture of techniques with most being rotary cut and machine pieced but there will be some hand pieced and foundation pieced blocks too as I always present the patterns using the easiest, most accurate method of construction.  There are two sashing options. The layout isn't complicated - it's just a good old-fashioned classic setting.

Just like its name, this quilt is going to be a half-and-half mix of beautiful quilt blocks perfect for any fabric theme. I'll be channeling a life in the 1930s during 2024 as I stitch along with you but you can use any reproduction or modern fabrics.


  •  49 different 3" blocks (foundation paper pieced quilt blocks so all our points are perfect ) and ....... 
  • 50 different 6" quilt blocks too!
  • A total of 99 blocks over 50 weeks
  • 74" x 87" quilt
  • Receive one 6" and one 3" block pattern via email each Friday. You can work on them over the weekend or make one each day!
  • Once in a while, I'll share a family recipe that guessed it! Half & Half.
  • The one-time fee paid when you sign up is for the entire year
  • The first blocks will be sent via email on - Friday, January 5


    $ 49.00