The Bible History Quilt, by Ruby Short McKim, was originally published in newspapers in 1927. The scenes will tell the story in simple outline stitch of twenty-four Bible characters or events. One pattern was printed each week, and the reader would carefully cut and save each piece until they had a complete quilt set. These patterns were highly valued, many of them surviving for collectors and quilt historians of today.
The squares are designed embroidered on a 9″ square. The blocks include: The Creation-Father Adam-Mother Eve-The Altar of Sacrifice-The Ark-The Tower of Babel-Abraham and Isaac-The Pillar of Salt-Rebekah at the Well-Jacob’s Dream-Joseph Sold into Egypt-Moses Adopted by Pharoahs Daughter-The Rock of Living Water-The Spies-The Fall of Jericho-Gideon and the Fleece-Sampson and the Lion-Ruth the Gleaner-Samuel and Saul
David and Jonathan-David and Goliath-Solomon and the Two Mothers-Elijah and the Ravens-Daniel and the Lions Den.

Available as a digital download or traditional printed pattern

$ 17.00